Frequently Asked Questions is a website where you can learn and discover about Princess Elisabeth Antarctic Station. You may find here information about the station’s history, concept, and design and the current discoveries and studies that are being conducted in the facility.

The government of Belgium and Alain Hubert, a Belgian explorer, president and founder of the International Polar Foundation, has a dispute as to which party manages the base. However, on June 9, 2019, the dispute was resolved, the Belgian government fully owning the base and the International Polar Foundation receiving contracts to manage the base for the next six years.

Zero Emission refers to process, engine or other energy sources that emit no waste products that pollute the environment.

With the strong gusts of wind that surrounds the Antarctic and with the 24 hours sunlight the region has every summer, the station maximizes these renewable energies to use in operating the station. The International Polar Foundation together with the government of Belgium has a smart grid and used technology innovatively in sustaining renewable energies of the facility. Making the station economically practical and eco-friendly.

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