Emission Disaster of The Twentieth Century


Our environment is like a bouncing ball who tries to recover from the damage it takes from human cruelty and negligence. But like a well functioning body, its defenses weaken too. If we keep increasing our emissions, our environment might not be able to bounce back. And what is the result? A horrific picture of the disaster.

What are The Harmful Emissions Affecting Our Environment?

You don’t have to go far to see these emissions. Try to commute to Amsterdam city sights and experience for yourself the emissions that humans produce every day. From your car, factories to industrial drilling, emissions are produced. According to research, our air is contaminated with lead, nitrogen, and carbon, which are dangerous to human health. Despite the obvious decline of quality of air, we as a whole chose to ignore these obvious signs.

Let’s Give You A Clear Picture if We Chose to Do Nothing

hazmatThere will come a time when people won’t have to smoke because they will be literally inhaling smoke. People are going to slowly die despite how they try to be healthy simply because the very air they breath is not healthy. There will come a time when people would be desperately looking for oxygen. And there will come a time when plants will cease to grow and the lands would be barren due to the toxicity that’s flowing around the air. It’s hard to imagine this dark picture of hopelessness. So, are you still not doing anything?

What Can We Do Now?

The good news is, we are still in a position where we can undo the mistakes of the past. We still have the chance to change the hotels in Amsterdam dam square. With us united as one, we can think of solutions that haven’t been thought before. We can start from imploring solar technology to dramatically decrease our emissions combined with other natural sources of energy such as air and water. We can support environmental companies that produce products tend to solve problems not only providing for human needs but also contribute to a sustainable future.